Except fuck you.

It’s really interesting… We live in a society where women are treated as sexual objects and whose purpose is only to please men. Women in movies generally only exist to create a heterosexual love interest. That’s the highest and most paramount, if not only, objective in their lives. That’s what sells tickets to young males (the most vied for group in advertising).

We mimic what we see. It’s how humans operate and grow - children do what their parents do. Now, as media becomes more prevalent and family less, young girls have this heterosexual love interest character as their example of an ideal woman. The goal is to get a man and fall in love, and to do so you must be like those women. Impossibly thin, 100% blemish free at all times, tiny waists, and large breasts. It’s an ideal no one can live up to and they hurt themselves trying.

These girls often have no power left. They’re told it’s their fault when they’re sexually harassed, when they make less money than men with the same job, whenever they stray away from gender roles, and when they don’t give into societal pressures to be sexual objects…

And then there’s this. To be a girl means to never be good enough. You get shit for not showing your body off and you get shit for showing your body off. You are a slut or you are a prude bitch. And in the back of your mind there’s always that heterosexual love interest character who’s the perfect combination of all these things and who everyone loves…

But she’s imaginary and you’re fucked.

I will not put my boobs, middle finger, and duck face away. I will dress how I feel confident, whether that’s low cut tops and mini skirts or a fucking prairie girl dress, it SHOULDN’T MATTER TO YOU. Maybe guys should be to blame when they treat me like a sexual object instead of me. Maybe the goal I’m working toward is not attention from the opposite gender. I have shit to do. I have to undo 18 years of bullshit brainwashing telling me I need products to make me beautiful, an impossible figure to be wanted, and a man to be a woman. And maybe I’m not interested in the opposite gender at all you heteronormative fuck.

The end.

This post is posted on Tuesday 13 November 2012.
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